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Charcuterie Boards

Our charcuterie boards come in a range of materials, shapes, and sizes. But one thing is always consistent:

The craftsmanship will make any spread shine.

*Photos for example only. Every charcuterie board I design is one of a kind, made with an original piece of wood with distinct coloring and grain. Because of that, I never make the exact same board twice. Shape and size are accurate, but wood details subject to change. Please contact me for build and delivery time frame.

Don't see the board of your charcuterie dreams here?

Get the most out of your board

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What is Charcuterie?

And what does it take to become a master charcutier?


Care for your Board

Maximize the life of your cutting board with these tips

Pete Morris Charcuterie Boards

can also be found at these small businesses

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