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Shelves & Cabinets

Custom shelving and storage allow you to optimize the space you have while still being able to properly display all of your favorite things.

Ready to order custom shelves or cabinetry?
Shelf Spacing Guidelines

A few things to keep in mind when planning for custom shelving

Average Shelf Spacing

A good average spacing for shelves is between 8 and 12 inches. If you have oversize books to store, you might prefer to increase the spacing to 15 inches. If you are storing a combination of large and small books and need to vary the spacing between shelves, keep the wide spacing on the bottom to help prevent the shelf from being top heavy and risk toppling.


Bookcases comes in many shapes and sizes. Standard cases feature three to five shelves and can be as small as 24 to 60 inches in height. Some come with adjustable inner shelving, placed on pegs, that can be removed and replaced at different heights to accommodate different sizes of books or magazine holders. Smaller bookcases have additional storage space on top and can be used for decorations. All bookcases should be properly anchored to the wall to minimize accidents.

Shelf Depth

The average shelf depth is 12 inches, which is more than adequate for standard books, novels and textbooks. Standard storage cubes of this size fit nicely onto shelves and make an attractive option for storing toys or other small items on the bottom shelves in a playroom. Bookcases can be customized if there is a need for it, and smaller and larger depths can be found pre-made. Put heavier books or items on the lower shelves to help prevent them from becoming top heavy and a danger to you or your children.

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